Mubarak Musse

Support Coordinator

Mubarak is a highly motivated and diligent support coordinator who works well under pressure, and has overcome every challenge he has faced while…

Laila Mansoor

Human Resources Representative

Laila is a hardworking and enthusiastic Human Resource Representative at Revolution Care working diligently to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

Asma Shaik


Asma is a helpful and very approachable administrator, who works hard to ensure that the administration aspect of Revolution Care is as fast and dependable as possible.

Nadia Ahmed

Founder and CEO

Nadia believes that all people who have a disability deserve to be given the opportunity to have their own independence. Nadia can also speak several languages.

Fathia Guled

Quality Assurance Manager, Interpreter and Translator

Fathia works closely with all of our clients, to ensure the services they are provided with are of the highest calibre and genuinely meets their individual needs.